Welcome to West Cumbria Willow

West Cumbria Willow is based at Pardshaw Hall, on the edge of the Western Fells of the Lake District. Looking east from the willow beds, across the valley, is Fellbarrow, and beyond, Skiddaw and Grassmoor. Looking west are the crags where George Fox preached to hundreds of Quakers in the 1700s and beyond that the Solway and Scotland. The limestone of the crags is well drained but we sit just below on glacial clay, this heavy land seems to grow willow well.

After doing a course in basket making with local basket maker, Phil Bradley, I wanted to use the techniques I had learned to make baskets, hurdles and garden structures and decided to grow our own willow. We grow willow on a small scale, and grow 7 different types of basket and hurdle willow, as well as mixed varieties of biomass willow. We use no pesticides or other chemicals, and have plant and cut all the willow by hand. It is comforting to know that the things I have made have travelled "willow yards" and been made with nothing more than a knife, pair of secateurs and a rapping iron.

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