Diploma in Advanced Permaculture Design


Learning Pathway

What drivers are there to completing my Diploma, what designs will I complete and in what order?
Design Web

The Kitchen

How can our kitchen be more like the ones we stay in?

Special Educational Needs

Considering the process of my role as Inclusion Manager through the lens of Permaculture.
​Can the application of permaculture principles and design process improve the response of Solway Community School to vulnerable students?

Danaway Grey Water

How can the grey water from the kitchen be more effectively used? - using an OBREDIMET pro-forma designed to engage teenagers in the design process.

Finding Time to Design

How can I find time within a pandemic
to continue designing?

Vegetable Patch

How can can we improve the productivity of our vegetable patch and our vegetable growing in general?
Appendix - Planting by the Moon

Teaching Permaculture to Year 7

Linking a short introduction to Permaculture into the Key Stage 3 Geography Curriculum

Children's Garden

Creating a Garden at Beacon Hill Community School
A Children in Permaculture Practitioners Course Design

Session Plan - First Planting

Understanding surplus and fair shares and gaining ownership of what is planted in the garden.
A Children in Permaculture Practitioners Course Design

Earth Care, Donkey Care and Fair Shares

Have better management of the donkey grazing that benefits wild flowers, birds, mammals and insects and is manageable for us to maintain.
Whitefield Design Process

Rooting myself as a Teacher Designer

Advanced Design Course
In progress
Design Web